About Me.

A little about me: a guy named Gary married me. He is brave because I’m borderline insane. He is almost as grouchy as I am. Almost. He is one of the few people who rarely pisses me off. We have no kids because the state would probably take them away from us.

I like animals. Namely cats. Because they aren’t annoying like kids are. My dream is to open a sanctuary for FIV+ cats. Somewhere down south where it’s warm because New Hampshire is getting ridiculous. And cold. I work as a writer. Gary and I have three cats named Bruno, Lester, and Ernie.

I also like the following: cheese, sushi, cleaning, wine, money, my 2002 Rav 4, yelling/beeping the horn whenever I drive, gay people, Puerto Rico, London, doing laundry, grocery shopping, art museums, jewelry, and harassing credit card companies and/or anyone who comes my way.

I do not like: whiny babies, when the Red Sox play badly, smelly people, animal abusers,  fruit flies, or enemas. I had to have enemas when I was very little and I remember not liking them.


6 responses to “About Me.

  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha I never knew you had enemas when you were younger. Me too girl. My mom gave them to Eric and me all the time, especially when we started to get sick. Though, we don’t call them enemas. They are lavativas (spanish for enema)

  2. Anonymous

    found this on a random FB click.. you’re funny, i could read this! i agree with all your annoyances.. you could be like a young andy rooney and point out all the annoying stupid things in life nobody can figure out. anyway, good job – keep going.

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