Massive Gas Leaks.

This is kinda old news, but yes, my house almost blew up last week.

You read that right.

Those same morons doing construction on my street ALMOST BLEW UP MY HOUSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT.

And the worst part about it was when these construction workers created the massive hole in the gasline, they didn’t decide to notify us–ya know, the ones whose lives would have been ruined–even if we hadn’t DIED.

They had access to our building and they couldn’t have let us know?

Oh yeah–and they didn’t call the fire department, either. Gary and I had to smell gas, look outside, see the gas leak (it was basically a geyser), knock on everyone’s doors and yell at them to get out ASAP. And then once we were out, one of our neighbors called the fire department.

Oh, this is also rich: they have been banned in the city of Boston by Mayor Menino because they did this before. Except that time, they actually blew up a house.

But Nashua hired them to do our construction.

Thanks, Nashua.

I sent a nice, little email to the Mayor. Maybe DeFelice Construction should do a little work over at HER house.


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