Night Construction.


I am now listening to the melodic sounds of men in construction hats screaming at each other outside, the beeping of construction equipment traveling in reverse, banging, clanking, loud motors running and beeping horns. The road is being dug up, so the house shakes, too.

This is loud, full-blown construction. No holds barred. This would be annoying enough at ANY time.

However, it is presently 11:30 p.m. On a Wednesday night.

I knew city living would be loud. I expected that.

But c’mon. This is insane. It’s bad enough that it starts at 7 am everyday, sometimes including Saturdays. But now it’s going to be late into the night, too? Seriously?

Fortunately, being without work, I do not have to go to sleep right now. But if I did, I’d be pretty pissed. I’m pretty pissed anyway. You know, because after 3 years of dealing with constant construction (between the office building being built across the street, to the senior housing complex being re-sided, to the present road work), it would be nice to have some peace at night, at least.

I’m all for fixing things, but let’s do them at reasonable times. This is a residential area. This is NOT an exit off of Route 93.

Let’s just say I left a…um…how shall I put this?…SASSY voicemail for the project manager at the city hall when she returns in the morning. Not gonna be a happy Thursday for whomever authorized this. Especially since I demanded a call-back.

She might need a bit of Bailey’s in her coffee to deal with me.

OK, I have a really awful camera phone, but this is the view as of approximately 11:14 p.m. outside of my window.


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