Toilet Caps.

No, I don’t mean the toilet LIDS. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Those caps on each side of the toilet. Toward the bottom.

I don’t understand the point of these. Maybe I have  old-school toilets, but whenever I clean the things, those stupid caps fall off. They don’t ATTACH to anything. They just loosely cover the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. They don’t screw into the toilet.

I think toilet designers have figured out how stupid this was and have since designed toilet caps to screw into the toilet itself.

I don’t know why I insist upon leaving them there. I don’t know why I don’t just throw them out. I clean pretty religiously to say the least, and they piss me off (pun intended) every time. They serve no purpose other than to annoy me when I clean the toilets. I actually like to clean. It’s therapeutic for me. I don’t want to hate cleaning just because of the toilet caps.

I could probably find toilet caps that screw into the potty. But really, why? I have been unemployed for the last 10 months. I need to worry about putting food on the table, not toilet caps. I’m sure they’re cheap enough, but how could I justify spending any money on toilet caps?

The thing is, I’m not going to actually DO anything about this “problem.” I just cleaned the toilets a few minutes ago. They pissed me off, I uttered a few obscenities, and then I gently (not really) laid the caps back onto the toilet bolts.

For the record, I just looked up the cost of twist-on toilet caps. $2 on Amazon. Don’t preach to me. I just wanted to complain about them.

I felt I need to show you one of my ghetto toilet caps. No reason, really.

But that cap you see sitting next to the toilet is hallow inside. Hallow. Nothing to twist anything into. Seriously? Pointless.

You will hear me complain about toilet-related issues quite often. Just a heads-up.


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