Cirque du Soleil. Clowns. Not cool.

Cirque du Soleil gives me the creeps every time I see their commercials. I don’t want them in my town or anywhere near it. They can stay in Vegas with all the other weird stuff that’s there. That’s where they belong. Vegas is weird. That’s why people go there. That’s fine. It serves it’s purpose.

You see, I hate clowns. I really, really, really hate them. I legitimately have full-fledged nightmares about evil clowns.

And these are dancing, acrobatic clowns. Clowns on flying trapeezes (not sure trapeezes is a word, but whatever). Contortionist clowns. There’s nothing ENJOYABLE about that.

I am French Canadian, and I’m ashamed of the fact that the French Canadians created this freakshow.

I think my hatred of clowns began pretty much upon birth. And to make matters worse, my grandmother was under the impression that I actually liked them and gave me this clown-mobile thingie that my parents hung up in the corner of my bedroom from the ceiling. It almost looked like a marionette puppet. I insisted that I hated it, but they said it would hurt my grandmother’s feelings if we took it down, so they kept it up. And I wasn’t tall/strong enough to drag out the ladder and take it down until I was 10 or 11.

I truly wish the world would get rid of all things clown. Because clowns are not funny. They are not entertaining. And anyone who becomes a clown has some serious mental health issues.

^ Dear World, Clowns are NOT okay. Please eliminate ASAP.



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2 responses to “Cirque du Soleil. Clowns. Not cool.

  1. Kerry Ann Kiley

    I can not stand creepy clowns. I will never see a Cirque Show!

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